Promoting, augmenting and managing our well-being. These low-cost technologies are transforming the field. Making tools for managing wellness accessible to anyone who wants to adopt them. This stands in stark contrast to the way the current. Traditional health industry approaches health and wellness. By requiring traditional practitioners. Insurance, and a wide range of costs. Users are turning to technology to supplement their diet. To develop their mind, Tech Startups aid their fitness, their sleep. And their reproductive health, improve the design of their environment and much more.

Using these new tools

They’re not approaching wellness in a vacuum the offerings typically involve supportive digital communities that help people share information, access other online and real-world communities, and grow and share the South Africa WhatsApp Number Data experience as a collective. Throughout my career as an industry analyst, I’ve identified power shifts resulting from technology and helped to explain what they’ve meant to the world. I did this with the social media industry over a decade ago and the sharing /collaborative economy 5 years ago. Now I see a similar pattern yet again.

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In each of these phases

Consumer-grade technology empowered people to get what they needed for things that formerly would have required them to rely on traditional institutions. Above Funding Chart based on research by Kaleido Insights. The graphic El Salvador WhatsApp Number List   large number of emerging technology companies that are reshaping our minds, bodies, communities and the physical spaces around us. After reviewing about five hundred startups, we distilled them down to this list of about 100 companies based upon the following criteria: market traction, amount of funding or crowdfunding.

Tech Startups Build Tools for Wellbeing


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