At first, the idea of placing alcoholic liquids inside paper packaging doesn’t make sense. The mind reels. For the Absolut Company, however, paper bottles represent a promising opportunity. The Pernod Ricard spirit brand company, which owns Absolut Vodka, Malibu, and Kahlúa, intends to revolutionize the packaging industry with a truly circular system. “Fiber technology is interesting to us — it’s a renewable material and much lighter than glass,” says Louise Werner, director of the Absolut Company’s future packaging team. The Stockholm-based company is part of Paboco, a collaborative paper bottle development project.

How did the Absolut Company get involved with the Paboco paper bottle project?

We’d been in contact with Swedish grocery company Billerud Korsnäs for almost five years to explore fiber technology. Then the Malaysia Phone Number Data timing was right  they became joint owners of Paboco, and set up this pioneering community. We’re excited to be working alongside Carlsberg, L’Oréal, and the Coca-Cola Company. Four global brands are coming together to make the impossible possible. I think if anyone can do it, we can, together. What are the advantages of a paper bottle for your company? Sustainability is the main driver for us.

Paper can do things that glass and aluminum can’t. Like what?

If you think about origami or luxury paper packaging, you have the strength of the fibers but also the flexibility. There are intricate details. We had a first small iteration with consumers this summer at a festival in Sweden to get a feeling for how  our India Phone Number List consumers will react. The tactile element was exciting to them. It feels quite natural: “I drink milk from paper packaging and juice from a paper carton.” What we have is conversational: Paper and liquid.

The Absolut Company Pursues Paper Bottles: Q&A with Louise Werner


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