Spain.- YOI, which in Japanese means good, is the first . Biobottle of natural mineral . water made from plant materials and is made with starch, flax husk and sugar cane . Its development was led by designer Eduardo del Fraile and businessman Fernando Durán. The biobottle has a cap, container and label that are 100% biodegradable and . Compostable. Another environmental advantage it provides is that its . Manufacturing generat 60% less carbon footprint than bottl water. Bottles because it requir less energy and transportation costs, as it is manufactur in the bottling plant itself. In addition, the packaging becomes compost once iscard and has a longer useful life than PET because YOI can be refill.

The bio bottle and European regulations

As many times as desired. Without a doubt, a totally recommendable end of life cycle for a . Container in relation totheenvi ronmentsays its creator, Eduardo del Fraile. BIOBOTELLA It is a unique bottle of . Plant origin, vegan, compos of flax husk and cane sugar, 100% biodegradable and compostable. Photo: YOI . Continue reading: A colorful bottle committ to the environment . The biobottle has Job Function Email Database a declaration of . Conformity with the CLIFE organization (Committee of French Packaging Industries) and . Complies with Regulation 432 pertaining to.  Compostable packaging , signed by the French biodegradability committee.

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Properties of water

The packaging company also belongs to AIMPLAS (Plastic Technological . Institute) , in Paterna, where several certificates are currently being manag. It  be not that the process of  creating the biobottle . Carri out over five year of research, out in parallel. On the  a high quality natural mineral water was sought that com .From an aquifer in Saldaña (Palencia). And, on the other hand, deeply detail research was carri out to create a plant-base, reusable and  compostable bottle , resulting in the first bio-bottle AQB Directory  on the Spanish market. This product contains a water with high quality and very balanc, fine on the palate, with low dry residue, low sodium content and high PH (PH8). What makes it a water that does not make the kidneys.

The bio bottle of mineral water


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