Finally came the day! If you are a self-employed person or a company with less than three workers, you can now request up to 2,000 to install. New digital tools in your business thanks to the digital kit for self-employed workers and smes . The aid program, include in the sme digitalization plan 2021-2025. Opens a new call today with a total of 500 million euros in the form of a direct subsidy. To pay for some of the digitalization solutions available on the market and included in the digital kit program catalog . It is an opportunity that you cannot miss in the face of. The constant changes that are being experienc in the business world, within which, either you adapt with the implementation. Of new technologies, or you are inevitably left behind.

Digitizing agents attached to the ministry

At próxima digital , one of the main digitizing agents attached to the ministry of economy and digital transformation. We are aware of the difficulties involved in updating your business, which is why we help you manage this call publish on december 12 completely free of Sweden WhatsApp Number List charge. October at with us you won’t have to worry about anything. We take care of all the paperwork to obtain the right. To collection known as a “ digital bond ”. What can I order the digital kit for? You can allocate these grants to new digital solutions. Or those that replace one of the programs you already have in operation. As long as they represent a functional improvement. It will not be understood. As a functional improvement when the application to be install is: development, progress, increase or enrichment. Of the services and functionalities of an existing solution.

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Upgrades or improvement of versions

Requirements to access the digital kit you may be a beneficiary of this aid if you are a small business, micro-business or self-employe person in segment iii (between 0 and less than 3 employees), whose tax domicile is locat in spanish territory, and who can prove: have at least 6 months of experience as a company/self-employe person. Not be in bankruptcy. Be up to Denmark WhatsApp Number List date with the aeat and social security. Not being sanction by the eu so as not to ask for european aid. Have a maximum of €200,000 in minimis aid (subsidies). Not be a civil society or community of property (this call is pending for 2023, according). You will not be able to be a beneficiary if: you are a bond digitizing agent. You are self-employ and are consider corporate self-employ or collaborative self-employe. Temporary business unions ute.

The call for the digital kit is open for self-employed people


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