The key to creating easy-to-read content is to make the text enclosed in h tags a concise summary of the topic. If you write the h tag concisely, it will be easier to get an overview of the content just by looking at the heading. However, if the headline and the main text have different claims, or if you unnaturally stuff keywords into the content, the content may be hard to read and the main points may not be clear. Although it is important to include countermeasure keywords, it is important to make sure that the headings are easy for users to understand.

Makes it easier to create a table of contents

Setting headings using h tags makes it easier to create a table of contents. For example, WordPress has a plugin function that can automatically generate a table UK WhatsApp Number Data of contents based on h tags, making it easy to display a table of contents in the introduction section. Having a table of contents at the beginning allows users to get a general overview of the content and determine. whether it contains the information they are looking for. A table of contents improves usability even when the volume of content is large because it allows users to focus on the parts they want to read.

EO tool that automatically extracts

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SEO issues and supports higher rankings Role of h tag There are 6 h tags from h1 to h6. The importance of the h1 tag and other tags is different, so let’s check the Qatar Phone Number List role and usage of each tag. h1 tag. The h1 tag represents the theme of your content. Since the essential role is the same as the title tag, there is no problem even if the content is similar. For search engines, the text enclosed in H1 tags is also considered. An important element in understanding the content and hierarchy. Therefore, be sure to include countermeasure keywords. There is no character limit, but if it is too long. It not only dilutes the importance of the keyword. but also makes it difficult to read, so it is said to be ideal to keep it within 30 to 50 characters.

The content easier for users to read leading to improved usability


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