Where people use common technologies to get what they need from each other. This has created disruptions for some industries, but overall. Holds much business opportunity for progressive companies. Progressive companies can glean greater loyalty through crowdfunding. Turn to the crowd for new co-innovation. Launch their own sharing programmes to expand how they serve their customers new desires. Companies who ignore this trend are likely to suffer from disruption. But those that lean in can benefit from using the crowd to their advantage. In the next section, I’ll share examples of what the crowd is doing.

How large companies are responding

To integrate the crowd into their strategy. Image from gettyimages Crowdfunding is at an all-time high, there’s been $16 Billion of investments Canada Number Data made by the crowd. Reports The Economist. Despite the growth, there’s been concerns . The case of the crowdfunded Occulus Rift being acquired by Facebook. The investors are making donations for perks, and not actually gaining equity. To solve some of these woes, large companies are applying crowdfunding into their strategy, DIY brand U-Haul has launched a crowdfunding platform called U-Haul Investors Club, enabling the crowd to fund new trucks, and in return these investors would receive dividends from the performance of the specific vehicle.

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The crowd is creating their own goods

In the maker movement, which appears to be a Armenia Phone Number List disruption for large companies who create physical goods. However, savvy companies like Hasbro are enabling makers who use 3D printing services to alter and 3D print Hasbro approved toys, fostering deeper engagement, and even generating new revenues as each 3D Print of a toy provides Hasbro with new revenues, see the Hasbro and Shapeways partnership called SuperFanArt. Image from gettyimages Ride sharing and rides as a service continue to dominate the media landscape as Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, and BlaBlaCar continue to grow in adoption, funding, and market attention.

The Crowd a Disruption or an Opportunity


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