In 2020, online channels have become increasingly important for B2B businesses. The following five reasons briefly explain why online channels have an increasing impact on B2B business. The results of a 10-country survey in 2019 show that 61% of B2B purchases start with online offers. The COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 has accelerated the trend of buyers moving to online choices. Below are 5 specific reasons that can support you to boldly invest in B2B online marketing. Reason 1: The B2B market has become bigger. The total B2B market will exceed the total B2C market in 2020. Reason 2: B2B buyers are younger. Among B2B purchasing decision-makers, 73% are between 20 and 35 years old. Reason 3: B2B buyers who purchase online purchase more. Reason 4: B2B buyers prefer mobile searches. The responsive design and loading speed of web pages on mobile phones are increasingly important, which can deepen the preference of B2B buyers. Reason 5: Content marketing has a huge impact on online marketing. To a certain extent, the more online channels you have, the more orders you can get.

User operation, what exactly is it

User operation sounds complicated and empty, but in fact it is just the things you usually Iraq Whatsapp Data do with your friends. If you can be a good friend in the eyes of others, you can also do a good job in user operations. There are various positions related to user operations on the market, such as community operations, member operations, talent operations, etc. There are also direct recruitment of “user operations”. So, what exactly are user operations doing? Why are there so many job roles with various categories? In fact, these roles are nothing more than different aspects of user operations. They ultimately converge to one point, which is how to deal well with users. We all say that we should treat users as friends, which makes sense. We can also see what the entire face of user operations is like from the perspective of how we face friends.

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User growth: Find ways to find new friends

Few people would say that they already have enough friends and don’t want new ones. An Internet product basically evaluates its value based on how AQB Directory  many “friends” it has, so there are never too many “friends”. The same is true for us personally. To a certain extent, the number and depth of friends a person has can explain a person’s value as a social node in the social network. Therefore, from the perspective of this node, it is definitely necessary to continuously increase the number and depth of friends. Then, as a product, someone must be responsible for finding “new friends” of the product. In the cold start phase of the product, what we are looking are seed users , that is, your friends at the beginning, and these friends will usually be your best buddies in the future, because they will accumulate the longest and most original relationship with you, which makes Your relationship becomes more than just other friends. ——Just like your childhood friends and your first love, no matter how many friends you have in the future, no one can replace the value of those childhood friends who saw you wet your pants and the first love you gave them a tender first kiss.

The important impact of online channels on B2B business


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