You will definitely encounter a time when you need to dual-deploy WeChat. Generally speaking, dual-deployment of WeChat is not a big problem, but it still needs to be controlled and operated legally. Covers all platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and is effective in personal testing. Using these tutorials will save you the trouble of logging back and forth to WeChat and verifying repeatedly. In a nutshell, come and see how it’s done!

Download method: Search “WeChat Windows version multi-opener” on Baidu

Instructions for use: Double-click to run after downloading; click the […] button to find the installation path of WeChat (the default is C drive-Program Taiwan Whatsapp Data Files (x86)-Tencent-WeChat-WeChat shortcut), or directly select the WeChat shortcut on the desktop; select Enable the quantity and click Start. 2. Mac version Steps: 1. In Finder’s applications, find the WeChat application. 2. Right-click and select [Show Package Contents]. 3. Click the folder [Contents], and then open [MacOS]. 4. Right-click [WeChat] and select [Create avatar]. 5. Drag the avatar to the desktop, click on the avatar, and scan to log in to the account. Warm reminder: This method can only create 1 avatar and can only log in to 2 accounts. 3. Android version Some Android phones, such as Xiaomi phones and Smartisan phones, come with WeChat clones, which can be directly opened on WeChat.


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Before we found this software, we always thought that WeChat on iOS could not be opened dually

Either jailbreak and install dual-display software in the app store; or buy special dual-display software from Taobao. We finally found a WeChat multi-open app for  AQB Directory iOS that doesn’t require jailbreaking or using a certain device! And after repeated testing, it can be used normally. method of obtaining Open the URL: on your mobile browser and choose to install either clone, or both. If it prompts “Untrusted Enterprises and Developers”, then go to Settings-General-Device Management-click Trust. The two icons themselves are black and white. After successfully logging in, you can be reminded of new messages and refresh your circle of friends without any delay. If you want to log in to work WeChat and private WeChat at the same time during working hours,

The most complete guide to WeChat compliance dual-opening


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