Based on your personality charm and the value you contribute to surrounding nodes as a network node, you will gradually accumulate more friends, commonly known as connections.

If you have mastered a good way to increase your network of contacts, such as frequently attending various gatherings and social activities, or because of a public speech or appearance in many public occasions, the number of your friends will increase dramatically, and your value will be Start growing exponentially.

User hierarchical operation: classify your friends into categories

When you have thousands of friends, you will find that you can no longer manage your  Israel Whatsapp Data relationship with your friends as you did at the beginning. If each of  them asks you “Are you there” on WeChat, you may need to reply for a whole time. It may not be possible to return to the end of the day. What to do? At this time, we need to classify our friends, and even classify them into grades and levels. We can set some friends as core friends and set them as star friends on WeChat; we will reply to their messages instantly and will never ignore them. If there is any good news, we will tell them as soon as possible.

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In addition to management-level core users

They are very independent and thoughtful, and they can always lead the trend and spread their own ideas; then they may  AQB Directory  be the best outlet to promote you and will bring you many new friends. The next level of core friends may be active friends. They will at least like or comment when you post in Moments, but they may not communicate that much in daily life, so the time you spend with them should also be low. As for your core friends, no matter what they do for you, you should also reciprocate accordingly. Of course, if they send you a wedding invitation out of the blue, you should probably find a reason not to attend the wedding, but still send your own red envelope. Next will be those ordinary friends. Ordinary friends may be casual acquaintances.

The number of seed users can be small, but they must be refined


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