The Purpose For example lets say we wanted to create blog content and YouTube videos for a new brand we would probably reach out to at least the following people content creator coder Blog Editor cameraman Editor designer Virtual Assistant VA We also need some products and services including Ahrefs for research topics Wordable for uploading blog posts Grammarly for editing content Adobe Premiere Pro for editing videos Adobe Photoshop for designing blog post images

Cameras tripods lenses microphones

Recording equipment Here is our complete canvas at last Having a content strategy is important to keep your Phone Number List content creation efforts on track and ensure that the content you create has a clear purpose. After all people often get caught up in making content for contents sake. If youve already created a content strategy the next step is to create a content marketing strategy and start creating content . has a problem Find me on Twitter . Translator Park Cheng founder of Waimao Chuhai . Steps to Creating a Successful Blog Content Strategy By Katy Mrvova December

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Avid writer and nerd. In between Im probably learning a new language or indulging in something with a s vibe. content. What is a blog AQB Directory content strategy Why do you need a blog content strategy How to create a blog content strategy Among other things a good blog can Drive traffic to your business. Increase awareness of your brand and products. Go out of your way to bring in new customers. Educate and nurture your customers and prospects. We say yes because you first need a watertight blog content strategy that meets all of these criteria. Thats what were going to talk about today. Heres what well discuss What is a blog content strategy. Why do you need a blog content strategy How to create a blog content strategy. What is a blog content strategy A blog content strategy is a vision and plan you have for your blog.

The Purpose Is to Educate and Retain


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