It is undeniable that the business world has been trying to adapt to the growing culture of a collaborative economy. Sharing skills. Knowlge. Experiences. Spaces and objects is a global trend that is shifting people’s focus away from private property. Changing the way goods and services are invent. Produced and marketed. The collaborative economy presents us with a new way of consuming that is opposed to the fundamental basis of capitalism. Which consists of acquiring products in an impulsively cumulative and unsustainable way. Becoming part of people’s daily lives. When we talk about the collaborative economy. Adopting strategies aimed at joint and continuous value creation. Sharing knowlge across organizational barriers and working in a self-organized way provides more competitive companies with possibilities to leverage internal and external capabilities more effectively.

Increasing access to information technology

Puts all the tools necessary to create and share value in the palm of people’s hands. This scenario transforms consumers into producers of information and opinion. While requiring more qualified organizations that are attentive to the needs of their customers. It is clear that with so much Australia Phone Number List¬†available quickly and disseminated. Organizations need to find ways to permeate people’s consciousness. Offering free content and building a link of credibility. Where consumers can establish a dialogue relationship. Has become part of the strategic arsenal in the battle for customer attention. But after all. Where to start? The best way is to start dusting yourself off and participate in building a new company. Remember that profound changes favor newcomers and that the time to act is now. Companies need to understand that change is already happening and that a new and tough business rule is emerging: be connected.

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When your company shares relevant

Memorable information. A relationship of trust and authority is created. Adopting content marketing strategies is a smart and very effective solution for attracting and captivating connected customers. It is a tool that can help your company stand out from the crowd. Through customer engagement with your brand. Creating valuable. Useful and memorable content is no Algeria Phone Number List easy task… But green digital has an excellent team and is prepared to make you reach the top. So surrender to content marketing and be remembered! : table planning with schedules and initial frequency analysis of engagement indicators repeat the process for the best times and change when necessary check now the main publishing times on the main social networks based on reach and engagement patterns: best time to post on twitter twitter prime time is 1pm to 3pm monday to thursday.


The relationship between the collaborative economy and content marketing


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