Their website speaks  The images and graphics create a unique and seamless experience for visitors. Image of a Starbucks drink with a description and CTA to the right of it These images help with SEO because Google rewards sites with fast, well-integrated images. Plus, because the content naturally leads users to convert, they get extra bonus points for ranking. Using images on your site can help promote your brand and give people a better experience when browsing your site. You can also showcase your products and services and encourage users to convert. 3. Ulta – Browsing One of the best SEO examples is Ulta, whose website has seamless navigation.

Navigation systems tell search engines

Where pages are linked and make it easier for users to move around the site. First, Ulta has a clear navigation bar that makes it easy to navigate to the Chinese Overseas Australia Number Data main sections of the site. Ulta’s navigation menu, including the main sections of the site and a search bar Then, drop-down menus serve as a simplified sitemap and clarify relationships between pages. The “Shop” Ulta’s main navigation menu has a submenu with more detailed subcategories and links. Finally, when you click on pages, you can see breadcrumb navigation tabs , which help users move from one section to another without having to start from the beginning.

Breadcrumbs at the top of a page

Special Data

Showing the hierarchy of each category and subcategory on the page. This SEO tactic directly benefits users and search engines – the main goal of optimizing Norway WhatsApp Number List your website. Be sure to include smooth navigation on your pages to give yourself the best chance of ranking. 4. Apple – Copy and Images As you know, keywords are necessary to help your site satisfy search intent and tell Google what the pages are about. Apple uses text and keywords to promote its products on search engines and help users learn more about each item. Their text is short and easy to read, while still giving users the information they need about each product.

Their website speaks directly to the user


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