The numbers vary depending on the site. The number of indexes is around 1,000 to 2,000, except for the “Newly Built Lookalike” site at the bottom. Renovation_SEO policy SEO counselor ○Anchor text distribution Anchor text data for backlinks to the target site (*specific name will be withhel). Links with the company name as anchor text are the most frequently post. Overall, there are a lot of anchor texts for URLs and company names. The anchor text “Renovation” is also a backlink. *The anchor text that identifies the specific site is hidden. _SEO counselor Research results/things I noticed Sites of renovation companies and portal sites are most often ranked high for big keywords such as “renovation.”

Compound words such as used home renovation

In personal blogs and column articles on information sites. Each company creates content for their website, but there are many examples. and in many cases it is not possible to attract customers from search engines using keywords that are search . There Iraq Phone Number Data are many companies posting listings, so competition is likely to be increasing. Summary: How to attract search engine customers using case study pages and content suggestions to double access Although the real estate industry has the impression that online traffic is popular,

We did not find any site that had an overwhelming share

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On search engines for keywords related to renovation, such as “This site is strong!” For big keywords such as “renovation,” there were many companies that  Georgia Phone Number List seem to be working on external SEO measures, and the number of backlinks was generally high. This is a natural result since it is a keyword that is search a lot and is expecte to receive an increase in traffic. These results show that big keywords such as “renovation” have strong competition and are difficult to rank high on , so it takes a considerable amount of time and money to stably attract customers from search engines. One possible way to attract stable customers from search engines is to target informational queries .

There are some sites with quite a large number of backlinks


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