The reason why so many cherry blossoms are planted along the riverside~ A long time ago, they were used to solidify the ground for embankments. The idea was to increase the number of visitors by planting cherry blossoms and letting them walk on the grounds to solidify the ground. I’m not sure if this is true or not, but it is true that there are many cherry blossom viewing spots along the river, and seeing cherry blossoms by the refreshing water is something special. Furthermore, if you go on a houseboat, you don’t have to take up much space, and you can . It is wonderful.

What kind of sites do people

Who realize the benefits of cherry blossom viewing on a houseboat come across and actually apply for ? Fierce battle! Compare the competition while viewing cherry blossoms! There are many listing advertisements on places like “Hanami Yakatabune” , so it seems that they are actively attracting customers online . However, there is still room for Denmark Telegram Number Data improvement in terms of the content content and the ease of viewing the site. Another characteristic trend is that if you look at the sites of houseboat companies and reservation sites, you can of course make reservations online, but it seems that reservations by fax are also more common. It is not very common to spend money on SEO measures for seasonal keywords such as cherry blossom viewing.

Ranking high in natural search is very important

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Therefore, we will investigate houseboat companies’ sites and reservation sites from a search engine marketing perspective. and consider the important South Korea Phone Number List points for acquiring customers from the web. Investigation method Using the competitive analysis tool “SEO Counselor  will investigate the ranking status and backlink. Status for keywords related to “Cherry Blossom Viewing Houseboat” and “Cherry Blossom Viewing Houseboat”. *Target sites are the following 10 sites. Sites that are rank  high when searching for “hanami houseboat”  houseboat guide Keyword ranking.

There is a reason why there are so many cherry blossoms along rivers


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