There is an increasing Which removes “unsecure” pages from sites. ■SEO tool that automatically extracts SEO issues and supports higher rankings New specifications of Google Chrome! A warning will be displayed for all pages that are not SSL-enabled. Now, as mentioned above, in the new version of Google Chrome “Chrome68″ released in July 2018, a warning will be displayed on all pages with http connections . Google has long publicly stated that “ security is Google’s top priority ” and has always recommended SSL. Google Chrome is the browser with the top market share in Japan, and this upgrade will have a wide impact.

How do warnings actually appear

As shown in the image above, “Not Secure” will be display in the address bar. Similar warning displays have existed for some time. but they were limit to Iran WhatsApp Number Data form pages that send important information such as IDs and passwords. However, this upgrade affects all pages, not just form pages. In addition, in the latest versions of Firefox and Safari, as with previous versions of Chrome, a warning will  display on pages that are not SSL-enabl, only for pages that send important information such as passwords. (As of May 15, 2018) Advantages and disadvantages of always-on SSL.

The benefits of alway -on SSL

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The benefits are summarize below.  Information security Prevent data eavesdropping and tampering with enhanced security. Encryption prevents the risk Japan Phone Number List  of data being intercept or tamper with by a third party. Free Wi-Fi in cafes and spaces is increasing these days, and unencrypt communication data can easily be intercept or tamper with. So the importance of constant SSL is increasing. Reliability for users Certification of a secure site When implementing SSL, a certificate will be issue. The certificate can be publish on your site. So you can prove to users that it is not a “spoofed site”.

There is an increasing trend toward always-on SSL


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