Currently, the food packaging industry is with the dilemma of being efficient in food protection, seeking processes and materials that are resistant and attractive to the consumer. Mainly, they seek to extend the useful life of these products, and at the same time they aim to develop solutions that are friendly to the environment. Food waste generates approximately 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions produced by humans. However, this is not enough and the impact of these materials, which mostly end up in landfills, must be. In that sense, Air works at different levels to ensure that the environmental impact of packaging materials is lower.

Environmentally friendly packaging that

To achieve this, the participation of all actors within the industry is necessary to join collective actions. In 2018, the company signed a public commitment that  of its materials will be recyclable or reusable. It also Telegram Database  works in different primary areas; one of them is directly related to its own operations of zero CO2 emissions by . As an example of this, the company has managed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions . You can read: Smart and active packaging in the food and beverage industry packaged meat The company commits that  of its materials will be recyclable or reusable.

Telegram Database

The company innovates solutions

The circular economy such as  . These are trays that enable the encapsulation of refrigerated . Protein liquids in order to eliminate the use of absorbent pads. Since they generate a highly negative impact on the environment. Although our processes and consumers are important parts in reducing the impact that packaging materials have on the environment. The most important role is on the processors, since it is up to them to generate this movement towards more sustainable packaging which . Allow the thickness to  by up to . This is of utmost importance. Since smaller caliber AQB Directory  packaging materials are crucial to reducing the carbon footprint throughout the . Entire marketing chain. All of these actions are an integral part of the work carried out by the company as a fundamental part of . The commitment that the company has adopted to revalue . The role that packaging plays in daily life and in the promotion of highly effective businesses.

They innovate more environmentally friendly food packaging solutions


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