Today with just over 1 billion active users per month who spend an average of $110 million in the same period, things have changed. And a lot! B2b organizations like seo analytics tool semrush and airline ryanair frequently share content on tiktok. Here you will find some recommendations. For your company to take advantage of the possibilities of this social network. Network users and the possibilities of tiktok for companies indeed, recent research revealed that the percentages of tiktok users by age groups are practically level. To begin with, children and young people between 10 and 19 years old represent 25%, while 22.4% of the user base corresponds to people between 20 and 29 years old. On the other hand, adults ages 30 to 39 make up 21.7% of tiktok’s total audience . Finally, 20.3% of users are between 40 and 49 years old and those over 50 years old represent a considerable 11%. In other words, 75% of tiktok users are adults over 20 years old.

Educational and practical content

Such as that published by recognized brands and influencers , is also gaining strength . So it is no longer surprising that high-profile organizations are finding success on this social network. How to take advantage of tiktok for businesses? If you are already convinced of the benefits of incorporating tiktok into your marketing channels , we will give you some tips to take Japan Phone Number Data of its potential. In principle, we will tell you how to create your company account and activate your business profile on this network: of course, you must download the application on your mobile and register with your phone number or email address. You can also do this through another social media account registered for your business. On the “me” page, click theoption at the top and select “manage account.” there, click on “switch to business account” and choose the category that corresponds to your company. .

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This involves writing your biography

A brief overview of your business and its mission, uploading a profile photo and providing the link (url) to your website. For the biography you only have 80 characters. Therefore, you should make the most of them. Be brief, but keep the essence of your brand . Include the slogan or campaign phrase you are using. As for the photo, it must be Belize Phone Number List of your brand. This recommendation applies to all your social media profiles , since your brand identification should be consistent across all your channels. In this regard, it is ideal that you have a logo and defined corporate colors, so that your audience immediately connects with your brand. The url can link to an app’s home page, landing page, blog, or download page, depending on your strategy. It is essential that the url is recognizable to give confidence to your audience . Identifying your audience is key to your tiktok strategy for businesses in this particular.


Tiktok for companies how to take advantage of the fashionable social network


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