Up to 10 sites can be A search engine’s search results page, so as competition increases, the difficulty of ranking higher will increase accordingly. Therefore, it is important to find keywords that can be ranked high in addition to the conventional combinations of region and floor plan , and to create content that corresponds to the keywords . What content is valuable to users? Why were long-tail keywords such as combinations of area and floor plan such as “Sakuragicho Rental 1LDK” effective? This is because the content that corresponds to those keywords is “content that is valuable to users . ” When you are looking for a rental property, what keywords do you search for? You’ll probably want to limit your search to the area you want to live in . No one would look for a property in Nagoya even though their workplace is in Otemachi, Tokyo.

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Some people may search for “rental” and search within the sites that appear at the top, narrowing down their criteria. However, as search technology has improved Betting Number Data in recent years, fewer people are deciding which properties to inquire about by looking at only one site. Almost always, I try to reach a conclusion after looking at multiple sites . tab *= allowing you to open multiple pages at once. It can be quite a hassle for users to open multiple sites that appear when searching for “rental” and enter conditions on each site.

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using keywords like “Rental Kichijoji,” open multiple sites that appear, and compare the information on each site. In this way, long-tail keywords such as Nepal WhatsApp Number List combinations of region and floor plan were effective because they clearly had ” value for users . ” So, what other keywords are there that have value for users? Perspectives for creating new value for users Think again about the situation where you are looking for rental information. How do you decide where to move? I think many people look for rental properties considering access to work, school, etc.

Up to 10 sites can be displayed on the first page


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