Since the official account interface of the WeChat public platform has been open to the public, as long as the WeChat payment function has been activat.  The service account can apply for the template SMS function and provide customiz services for users who follow its public account. It is report that this is also one of the most popular mega-functions during the opening process of WeChat public platform. For many industries. The opening of template SMS has promoted WeChat’s pace of connecting the world, allowing all forms of offline services to be notified or reminded in the form of template SMS in the WeChat public account. guiding users to actively participate in activities. Today,


New registered user

For newly registered users. The platform will promptly notify users through template messages. After purchasing goods for the first time. Users will be automatically Turkey Whatsapp Data  push and remind that they can use cash coupons for free. Through instant push of template messages. No matter how much the amount is.  Users will have trust in the business from the beginning, effectively improving users’ confidence in subsequent purchases and achieving customer retention. New event notification For most businesses.  Various festivals are no longer simple festivals, but a lively hotspot that can be reprocess and capitaliz on. This is a marketing battlefield not to be miss. On the anniversary of the National Day, in order to improve the transformation of activities, the existing service numbers have limit ability to proactively send text messages (can send 4 group text messages per month).

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Countdown reminder

According to consumer psychology, users are most likely to ignore relevant information in the first two days of an event. In the current fast pace of life. Users may  AQB Directory forget what activities the mall is doing on the third day. And do not know whether there will be corresponding needs. The “goodwill reminder” push countdown. Through template messages shows that users who have not participated in the activity are urgent, mobilizes the fear of losing, and guides users to actively participate in the activity. active effect The essence of the Internet is traffic and liquidity. In the end, more than 120,000 coupons were successfully sold, and their validity period is limited. Users need to consume within the specified time. The opening rate of WeChat public accounts is getting lower and lower. Nowadays, merchants are using template information to promote their own promotion activities

Use template messages to wake up sleeping fans


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