When interacting in real life, we can only see the surface of things, and it is difficult to know what people think of you behind the scenes. To truly become a person that a large group of people recognize, we need to face our shortcomings and shortcomings and then work hard to correct them. This is not chicken soup, and is something that user research and customer service are doing seriously every day. After taking a taxi, we ask you to rate the service. After downloading the app, we ask you to rate the app. In fact, we are collecting the true evaluations of our friends from their hearts. If the evaluation is to be real enough, it requires both rational quantitative analysis at the data level and perceptual qualitative investigation at the emotional level, so a research team emerged.

They need to collect various voices from users

This is not a simple thing. After all, if you ask a friend if your new clothes look good today, there is a high probability that the other person will answer Japan Whatsapp Data you “not bad”. Is “not bad” a sincere compliment or an embarrassment to expose your ugliness? It’s so easy to distinguish, not to mention that a thousand people have a thousand standards for defining “not bad”.

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The early Xiaomi team required all Xiaomi programmers

Participate in Xiaomi’s own forums to listen to users’ suggestions; the food delivery team usually required all civilian employees to rotate to front-line food  AQB Directory  delivery positions; Jack Ma once asked Alibaba employees to answer customer service regularly Phone calls, these are all designed to allow the team to hear the voices of “friends.” Otherwise, we will easily fall into our own fantasies and self-excitement, thinking that what we think of is what users think, and what we need is what our friends need. This will push us to the other side of the masses, and ultimately Isolated. related articles 99% of people don’t understand content marketing at all How to use WeChat tags to achieve precision marketing Peer-to-peer push marketing for WeChat public accounts

User Surveys and Research: Hearing the Voices of Friends


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