Semrush isn’t horrible, but it does have some navigation issues. Similarweb, on the other hand, is very intuitive. Similarweb therefore wins in this category. Not convinced by Similarweb? Check out our comparison between Semrush and SpyFu . Winner : Similarweb Pricing Needless to say, price is another important factor when choosing between two tools. So, Similarweb pricing starts at $125 per user per month and goes up from there. Meanwhile, Semrush’s cheapest plan is free – but the free plan doesn’t offer many features. Its paid plans, on the other hand, start at $130 per month. Both of these options are quite expensive. And technically, Semrush is slightly more expensive, but it also offers a free plan. For this reason, we will say that there is equality.

Research Both Semrush and Similarweb

perform different types of SEO research, helping you find new SEO opportunities – primarily keyword research, but also competitor research. How do these Korea Telegram Number Data tools fit into this category? This is another category where both tools are roughly equal. Both Semrush and Similarweb offer the same basic keyword research features, including searching, sorting, and listing. It is for this reason that this category is once again tied. Winner : Tie Analysis Besides finding new opportunities, SEO tools should help you analyze your current data. This data may include customer information, campaign metrics and website traffic. Both tools offer numerous analysis possibilities.

Semrush comes out on top here because it simply has more

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In particular, Semrush offers a backlink analysis tool, which Similarweb does not have. It also does not offer a local SEO tool. Winner : Semrush Customer Uruguay Phone Number List Support Finally, let’s look at customer support. Which tool provides a better customer experience? The answer is Similarweb, hands down. This is because, as we mentioned earlier, Semrush is rather infamous for its slow and unhelpful customer service. If this is important to you, you will want to choose Similarweb. Winner : Similarweb Inside Semrush Learn more about Semrush below: The pros of Semrush Let’s start by talking about the benefits of using Semrush. Three advantages in particular stand out: Lots of features: One of the biggest sources of Semrush’s appeal is the number of features it includes. Most of these features are paid but include things like heat maps and lead research tools.

What are the prices of Similarweb and Semrush


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