What I noticed as a result¬† A variety of sites are ranke high for big keywords such as ” lawyer free consultation “, including government and public organization sites, lawyer search portal sites, and law firm sites. Many listings are posted not only for keywords for which needs are clear, but also for keywords for which needs are not clear, such as “divorce,” and the cost-effectiveness of many keywords is increasing as the unit price for listing is increasing .

Divorce lawyer free consultation Yokohama

where the need for consultation is increasing are showing many law firm sites and local government sites at the top, making it difficult to rank high. There is a wide Switzerland Phone Number Data variety of search keywords such as “ I want divorce, no children, ” which may require consultation with a lawyer even though they are still in the information gathering stage , and there are very few sites that can rank them comprehensively. Summary of survey results and advice When searching for divorce-related keywords, the top rankings for big keywords like “divorce mediation” are those of public institutions and law firms, as well as “divorce with children and child support.

 The most popular keywords for searching for detailed information

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In addition, listings are active, and keywords such as “divorce” that are frequently search but are unlikely to lead to a deal, as well as keywords that Czech Republic Phone Number List are not frequently search and have unclear needs, such as “after divorce,” are also available. Many law firms were participating. This situation shows that listings are highly competitive and can expensive to rank for . Keywords that are likely to lead to actual consultations, such as ” divorce mediation lawyer Tokyo ,” are find not only on the websites of law firms but also on the sites of local governments in each region. And competition is increasing not only for listings but also for natural sear

What I noticed as a result of the investigation


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