A topic cluster is a collection of content consisting of pillar content (main topic) and cluster content (subtopic). It is a media content organization method that has been attracting attention recently, and its purpose is to strategically create content and improve SEO ratings. This is an image of connecting pillar content and cluster content with internal links. Organize your site structure Connect content It has the above effects. To understand topic clusters, you need to know three concepts: pillar content cluster content internal link We will introduce the meaning of each word in detail. pillar content Pillar content is main content that comprehensively summarizes the core topics of a topic cluster.

The core content of a topic cluster is a collection

It may be easier to understand if you think of it as the main theme content of your website. Keywords that aim for high rankings in SEO tend to have relatively high search volumes. For example, Promonista’s pillar content is “SEO” (vol.49,500). The Kuwait Phone Number Data following articles are pillar content on Promonista. “ What is SEO? Explanation from basic knowledge to countermeasures for higher ranking However, it is impossible to explain all the information related to SEO in just one article on “SEO”, so it is necessary to create cluster content to supplement it.

There are users who want to understand the concept

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“What is SEO?”, users who want to know the tags that are important in SEO measures, and users who want to know the tools that are useful for SEO. In Belgium Phone Number List this way, people who search for one keyword, SEO, have various search needs. Therefore, it is necessary to have content that can meet a wide range of search needs. cluster content Cluster content is related content that is linked to pillar content. Since the search intent is clearer than pillar content, the keyword volume tends to be lower. Promonista’s cluster content includes “SEO tags,” “SEO articles,” and “SEO effect measurement.” The cluster contents for each are as follows.

What is a topic cluster Explaining the benefits and creation


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