An IP address is an identification number assigne to a computer connected to an IP network such as the Internet or LAN, and is similar to an address or telephone number. In the history of SEO measures, it has been said that C-class IP distribution is effective in terms of the value of external links. Here, I would like to explain about IP addresses from the perspective of how they work and SEO measures.

How IP addresses work

In IPv4, addresses are expresse as 32-bit addresses, but since it is difficult to read as a 32-digit binary number, it is generally display in decimal numbers  South Africa Phone Number Data separate by 8 bits. Example:  IP addresses are divided into network addresses and host addresses. The boundary between a network address and a host address is determine by the first bit of the address. Snd classes are classifie according to the location of the boundary. class type A class: Starts with 0 and the network address is the first 8 bits  B class. Starts with 10 and the network address is the first 16 bits  C class.

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There ie a 0 delay meta refresh set available for site transfer in 2015 – Central Community As mentione above, meta refresh  only  use when 301 and  Costa Rica Phone Number List 302 redirect available. The first Starting with 110, the network address is the first 24 bits In the early concept of the Internet. Each network organization was assigne an IP address on a class basis. But although the C class has 256 IP addresses, for example, when connecting 500 computers to a network. The B class has 65,536 hosts. In that case, more than 65,000 IP addresses would go unuse and waste. For this reason, a mechanism call CIDR was c that allows the length of network addresses to be change flexibly. This makes the current IP address non-class-based.

What is an IP address


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