Hummingbird” is a search algorithm announced by Google in 2013, whose main feature is a major shift from keyword to conversational search. The reason behind the large shift to conversational search is to meet the search needs for voice input from mobile devices. ), it is easy to imagine that this is because there is an increased need to understand the meaning of . Hummingbird configuration program “RankBrain” is part of Google’s search algorithm “Hummingbird,” which consists of multiple programs such as the following. Spam control purpose: Panda update , Penguin update, Payday Aiming to improve local search: Pigeon Detect excessive display of advertisements.

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Mobile Friendly Copyright violation enforcement purpose: Pirates Google searches millions of queries per second and 3 billion queries per day , but 15% of these Laos WhatsApp Number Data queries have never been search before by RankBrain. It is say that it is . Through such processing and learning, we can see that the accuracy of conversational search on. Google is improving at a breakneck speed every day. ■SEO tool that automatically extracts SEO issues and supports higher rankings “RankBrain” is the third most important algorithm for SEO measures.

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Rankings appear to be in the following order. 1st place Link 2nd place Content 3rd place RankBrain What does this result mean. As stated in “ Google’s 10 Kuwait Phone Number List Facts . It can  interpret that high-quality. Content that satisfactorily responds to user needs is more important than anything else. In addition, links (according to the natural goodness theory. good content is link to many links) and content are important elements of search results. and Rank Brain’s search algorithm complements this to accurately identify the content that users truly want. A system is  put in place that allows for higher search visibility.

What is Google’s search algorithm Hummingbird


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