Local search is a system in which search keywords that are highly relevant to a specific region or location are reflecte in search results that are appropriate for that location. Search results change depending on the user’s location information, so for example, if you search for “cafe” in Omotesando results are linked to the user’s location information, so even if you search for “cafe” in Hakodate, Hokkaido, cafes around Omotesando will not be display . If you are in Hakodate, Hokkaido, the search results will reflect cafes around Hakodate. As in the example above, even if the search keywords are similar, users’ needs differ depending on where they are searching.

Difference between local search and SEO Unlike local search

SEO basically shows the same search results no matter where you search from. For example, when you search for “SEO measures,” the natural search results screen Netherlands Phone Number Data is the same in all regions of Japan, as there are no differences in needs depending on region. On the other hand, in the case. For example, when searching for the keyword “cafe” in Omotesando, the search results will be different when searching for “cafe” in Sapporo. The reason results vary depending on the user’s location is due to Google’s algorithm update known as the “Venice Update.”

Factors that determine local search rankings

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The following factors: Relevance distance High visibility In order to improve your search rankings. It is important to Brazil Phone Number List understand the above factors and how the algorithm works, and then take measures. We will explain in detail the factors that determine each local search ranking. Relevance Google defines relevance for  as follows. Relevance refers to the degree to which your search terms match local business profiles. Comprehensive business information provides more accurate information about your business. Making your profile more relevant to search terms.

What is local search Explaining the factors that determine rankings


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