Why do I have to enter so much personal informationand didn’t want to start using it now. I feel like not many of my friends are doing it. Mr SatoYou don’t want all the information to be revealed, right? ── Do you use Twitter? Mr SatoI use Twitter quite a bit, but I search for different purposes. I don’t search for restaurants. Mr. Atsumi *Mr. Atsumi speaks with a very kind expression about taking pictures of Pooh’s sewing. Use search engines and SNS properly depending on trends and real-time nature. ~ Check SNS for current information ~ ── When do you use Twitter search? Mr. AtsumiI use Twitter to check for delay information.

What kind of hashtag will you use

Mr. AtsumiAs I mentioned earlier, I search for sewing photos using hashtags, and I also do self-nail art as a hobby, so when I search for what’s trending while Italy WhatsApp Number Data thinking about a design, it’s easy to understand because photos come up. ── By the way,  Mr. Atsumi◯◯Nails etc. Argyle nails now ── Are your clothes also searched on Instagram? Mr SatoI’ll do a lot of searching. Things like the brands of clothes worn by the models I follow. Ah, but I guess I sometimes use image search on Google.

Do you also use Google image search

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I think both Instagram and Google use the same information format as images, but are there any differences? Mr SatoWhen you want to pinpoint the Jordan Phone Number List image  you want, Google is the place to go. When you want to look up old stuff Mr. AtsumiThat’s right, I can search for old stuff on Google, but if I want to know about new stuff I look it up on Instagram. Google is a mix of new and old, isn’t it? Especially when it comes to new clothes, Instagram is better. Because when you do a Google image search for Liz Lisa’s clothes, you’ll be asked, “How many years ago? ” will appear. If you search for images on Liz Lisa, you’ll find clothes from 4 or 5 years ago, so some customers come back and say, “I want this,” even though it’s long gone out of print.

What kind of things do you search for on Instagram


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