As you can see from the content so far, with the implementation of “RankBrain”, each company’s web staff has able to You are require to prepare content. So, what kind of web content is compatible with “RankBrain”? Next, we will introduce an example of a “traffic accident lawyer introduction site.  That supports “RankBrain.” Examples of web media compatible with “RankBrain” The traffic accident lawyer introduction site.’ Needs to obtain lawyer introductions from people who have been involve in a traffic accident and are in trouble. But it does not mean that you `request a lawyer immediately after the accident!” After injure, most people are worried about the amount of compensation and how to deal with the after-effects of the accident, so they often research compensation and compensation for traffic accidents.

Acquire potential customers with long tail SEO measures

Therefore, on our lawyer introduction site. We provide information to users who can be potential customers and acquire inquiries for lawyer introduction Kuwait WhatsApp Number Data requests by preparing more than 100 pages of content that responds to search needs for all kinds of traffic accidents based on the following keywords. That’s what I’m doing. This is also called long tail SEO. Examples of theme keywords for potential customers. Compensation/Settlement/Personal Accident/Death Accident/Percentage of Fault/Compensation for Damages/Residual Disability/Whiplash.

When attracting customers through search engines

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A business format that requires capturing latent needs, such as a lawyer introduction site. keywords that are directly link to inquiries. Such as `lawyer Latvia Phone Number List consultation,” alone will not  enough to attract customers. Therefore, by providing a wide range of information that is useful to users. such as “average price of compensation for class 2 residual disability’. We can expect to gain a stable number of visitors. In addition, it is expect  that RankBrain’s algorithm will evolve in the future to display appropriate content. At the top of the list for text search queries such as “I want to know the average compensation amount base on injury symptoms and percentage of fault.” will  do.

What web content is compatible with Rank Brain


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