Where to display PAA PAA appears in various positions on SERPs (search results screens). There are usually 10 sites displayed on SERPs, and PAA will appear on one of these 10 sites. Unlike featured snippets, which are always fixed at the top of SERPs, PAA can appear anywhere in the search results screen. Since PAA is often listed in the 3rd or 4th place, sites that are ranked lower than PAA may have lower CTR than before. For sites that are often displayed in the 3rd or 4th position, we recommend strengthening your SEO measures so that they are listed higher than the PAA.

Maximum number of PAA People Also Ask

There is no upper limit to the number of PAA displayed. The initial display may display 3 to 4 items, or more. If you search for “What is SEO,” 4 items will be Hong Kong Phone Number Data display. But if you search for “Acne won’t heal,” 6 items will be displayed. PAA when searching for “acne not cure” Also, when you open a question in PAA. A new question will be add at the bottom. The more questions you open, the more new questions will be add and the more questions you will see.

Relationship between PAA People Also Ask

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Google has not released details regarding the display logic of PAA, but if you take SEO measures that are conscious of featured snippets, there is a possibility that Bahamas Phone Number List your site will be displayed in PAA as well. When you click on a PAA question. The answer will often appear as a featured snippet. Conversely, if it appears in Featured Snippets, it’s more likely to appear in PAA. For example, if you search for “how to wash leather shoes. Look at the first page of PAA and you will see the question “How do you wash leather shoes.  Click to open it and the answer will be a summary of the steps in the form of a featured snippet.

Where to display PAA People Also Ask


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