As the traffic dividend is on the verge of disappearing in 2019 and users’ consumption cognition and behavior patterns have changed, the Internet marketing industry has suffered heavy losses. Nowadays, the younger generation has a strong ability to identify advertising routines, and the cost of advertising for big V is getting higher and higher. Due to the high price and low conversion of KOL, many advertisers have reduced their budget for KOL placement. At this time, the KOC concept was quietly emerging

The full name of KOC is Key Opinion Consumer, which generally refers to consumers who can influence the consumption decision-making behavior of their friends and fans. KOC plays a small group effect. There is only one KOL for 10,000 people, but there may be dozens or hundreds of KOCs. Compared with KOLs, KOCs have fewer fans. Their advantages are that they are more vertical, more interactive, and have lower user trust. It will be higher, and the conversion rate is higher. KOLs play in the attention economy. Nowadays,

KOL will not be replaced by KOC

KOL is the head, and KOC is the long tail. KOC is not a  new concept, it was just hyped by Iran Whatsapp Data many new media at the right time. At such a difficult time for digital marketing, promotion effects are directly linked to KPI indicators. If you ask KOL influencers to charge by CPM, it is expensive and the effect is difficult to measure, so everyone is more inclined to adopt the CPS method. Each promotion method has its own life cycle, and each one is a process of ebb and flow. KOL has been popular for several years, and now KOC is growing rapidly. There is no right or wrong in KOL marketing. As long as you can achieve your own sales goals, you can combine KOL and KOC. While KOL is harvesting traffic.  Use a large number of KOC to influence his small group to achieve a promotion effect that combines product and effect.

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Is it necessary to do overseas KOL marketing and promotion

Overseas KOL can enhance the international image and higher grade AQB Directory of the brand, and it is inevitable for foreign trade companies to conduct overseas KOL marketing. Overseas KOL resources mainly come from social media such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Among them, YouTube KOL marketing focuses on video content promotion, guiding users to click to download or click to consume. Twitter KOL marketing mainly focuses on news hot spots and content marketing distribution. Facebook’s MAU has exceeded 2 billion, and more than 80% of marketers use Facebook for KOL marketing, which mainly focuses on social hot topics and social topic content. Instagram KOL marketing mainly focuses on sharing beautiful things such as food, fitness, photography, fashion, etc. to conduct professional forums or organize activities.

Where will KOL marketing and promotion go


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