Furthermore, healthcare costs continue to increase as companies struggle to maximize the productivity of their employees while also retaining them. It’s ironic in many ways, but companies are turning to technology to help employees cope with too much technology. Here’s a summary note from our deeper research on this space after interviewing dozens of companies, Who in startups, experts and attending events. With 80% of today’s companies offering wellness programs, there is a massive market for services in this space. Apps and comprehensive platforms are filling the needs of employers to provide wellness.

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with wellness offerings. From on-demand meditation to one-stop-shops for all that is wellness, we’ve rounded up a who’s who in today’s corporate wellness tech space. Before we go on, we’ve found multiple companies that have Singapore WhatsApp Number Data deployed mindfulness programs or fitness programs that intentionally do NOT use technology, in particular Google’s spin-out of Search inside Yourself teaches individuals to be mentally resilient and mindful without tech aids. We also heard from HR wellness industry experts and authors like Joel Bennett and Laura Putnam (thanks Janet Fouts for the intros) that if the company’s culture.

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Technology or mindfulness practice is going to solve the bigger issues. So take heed before deploying tech without having a broader strategy. We’ve interviewed many of these companies, tried their products, or heard from Egypt WhatsApp Number List their customers in research interviews, here’s an overview of commonly mentioned tech providers: Thrive Global offers a behavior change product suite to improve the well-being and performance of employees based on behavior change science. After her own exhaustion-fueled collapse, Arianna Huffington founded Thrive Global to reduce stress and burnout.

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