The reason why many brands want to use social media Why can’t you do is entirely because their bosses thought of it. “I want to do Weibo, I want to do WeChat, why do I want to do it? Because I want to do it, it is very popular, my competitors are also doing it, I hope to get a lot of fans, I hope my fans can hear me “Voice, I hope my fans can interact with me, and I hope I can get sales leads from my fans.” These expectations are good in themselves, but if you don’t think clearly about the real purpose of social media, then these expectations are likely to fail in the end. .

Even if your brand is already doing social media Why can’t you do

Even if your brand is already doing social media, you still need to answer these questions. Think carefully before taking the next step. If top management New Zealand Whatsapp Data does  not think this through clearly, a gap will definitely result. That is the budget invested, and there will definitely be a big gap between the expected benefits and the final results. Therefore, even if you think that going into social media is a no-brainer, you still need to make very detailed planning before deciding to invest in social media. Without the awareness of perseverance and dedication in a long-term battle, you will dig a big hole

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Just use social media as a sales channel Why can’t you do

But no real fan will follow a brand just to see more ads. Or just treat social media as part of PR and lose the social nature. Or they may regard social media as a panacea and make all-out efforts to ask social media to assume the role of other channels. Social media itself also needs promotion, and you still need to promote your excellent content on social media through paid media. Not to mention omni-channel marketing, just at the level of content marketing, many companies rely too much on social media and give up on website construction . For example, many brands publish very valuable and high-quality content on social media but no longer put it on their official websites. This is actually a waste of content itself, because the investment in content is huge. Content published on social media platforms does not belong to the brand itself

Why can’t you do social media well? I summarized these reasons for you


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