The importance of content production increases with “RankBrain” SEO Will AI completely change SEO measures? . RankBrain is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) type search engine algorithm that Google announced in October 2015 . After its introduction, what kind of impact does it actually have on Google search rankings? Also, what kind of measures should we be careful about in the future? This time, I would like to learn about the mechanism of “RankBrain” and consider future countermeasures based on the current information. table of contents 1What is “RankBrain”? 2″RankBrain” is part of Google’s search algorithm 2.1Search display example for “RankBrain” 3What is Google’s search algorithm Hummingbird.

Four Rank Brain is the third most important algorithm

What web content is compatible with “RankBrain”? 5.1Examples of web media compatible with “RankBrain” 6The secret to supporting “RankBrain” What is Korea WhatsApp Number Data “RankBrain”? “RankBrain” is a machine learning technology developed by Google that is used to rank search results by selecting from among billions of pages the best pages for a specific search query. It is an artificial intelligence system. “RankBrain” is part of Google’s search algorithm “RankBrain” itself is one of the programs built into Google’s search algorithm called “Hummingbird,” and its role is to understand the “meaning” and “intent” of search queries entered by users.

What exactly does this mean

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Search display example for “RankBrain” For example, if you enter “I’m hungry” into Google’s search window, the search results will display information about Kenya Phone Number List restaurants closest to your current location. If you were to answer only the query “I’m hungry,” it wouldn’t be strange to see information such as “the meaning and usage of hunger (the word itself)” or “things used in sentences”. Thanks to the work of “RankBrain”, Google understands the intent of the search “I’m hungry” and outputs a guide to the nearest restaurant to meet the user’s request. Of course, in order to find these answers, it is necessary to understand the search intent: “I’m hungry.” Please understand that “RankBrain” automatically understands and links related information, predicts search intent, and learns. *RankBrain is applicable only to the United States.

Will AI completely change SEO measures


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