Do you think that, because your company is small, it is not at risk of suffering any of the types of cyber attacks that exist? Many owners and directors of companies with a small workforce believe that the security of their information systems is guarant, because their businesses are too small to be consider targets of an attack. Therefore, they tend to be less aware of threats and have weak technological resources for cybersecurity . This makes it easier for computer hackers . A cyberattack is the deliberate and malicious attempt to gain unauthoriz access to the information systems of a person or organization. The intention ranges from spying on the victim’s browsing habits and stealing valuable information and even money, to blocking access to data through encryption to demand a ransom.

Learn here some of the most common types

Therefore, Attacks to properly prevent them. Malware, one of the most common and multifaceted types of cyberattacks under the name malware we find a wide variety of cyber attacks . Malware finds a vulnerability that allows it to penetrate a network. This occurs when the user clicks on a suspicious link, whether on a website or in an email attachment. This way, malicious software is Malaysia WhatsApp Number List inside your system. Malware is capable of extracting user information by recovering data from the hard drive and denying access to critical network components. It could even interrupt or disable the system. The most well-known types of malware cyberattacks as we said, malware is very varie and fulfills various tasks . Among the most common we find: virus . They work by infecting applications by coupling them to the initialization sequence .

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Those that are hidden within useful programs

They do not replicate themselves like viruses and are often use by hackers to establish a “Back door” into systems. Hence, its name which refers to the greek legend of the trojan horse. Worms . These are autonomous programs propagat through networks and computers. Typically, they are install via email attachments and send a copy of themselves to each Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List contact on the infecte computer’s email lists. The purpose of its use is to overload email servers and facilitate a denial of service (dos) attack . Spyware . It is an install program that collects information about users, their systems or browsing habits . This information reaches a remote user who uses the information with the aim of blackmailing the victim or installing other programs through the web. Ransomware .


Most common types of cyber attacks that your company


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