We’ve seen catalogs of over 70 examples. Here’s a sample of the most common methods that we’ve commonly heard in our interviews from our recent report on the Corporate Innovation Imperative (download). Feel free to leave comments below with a design process or method that you feel if valuable. And explain why. In summary, here’s the most commonly discussed and adopted versions. Both in a high-level table below. Then summaries below with a diagram Guide to Innovation and Design Methods Name: Founded: Type: Best for: Differentiator: Waterfall 1956 by Herbert D. Benington Linear Well-Defined .

Projects Teams work independently

On each stage Lean Startup 2008 by Eric Ries Circular Unproven Markets Low investment to test the market Design Thinking 1969 by Herbert Simon Circular Creative. Unconventional solutions Forces exploration of ideas beyond the Hong Kong WhatsApp Number Data familiar Agile 2001 by the writers of the Agile Manifesto Circular Volatile projects Can quickly and easily adapt to project changes Design Sprints 2010 by Jake Knapp Conceptual Problem-solving Produces a tested prototype in just one week Rapid Prototyping 1981 by Hideo Kodama Back-and-forth Manufactured products Direct digital-design-to-prototype approach Waterfall Known for a traditional method.

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Best suited to products

For which the customer’s needs and expectations are well defined. The waterfall design methodology flows sequentially through six stages of development. Completing one milestone before reaching the next. Waterfall design begins Bahrain WhatsApp Number List by understanding the context surrounding the problem to be solved and forming boundaries within which the solution must exist. Next comes the theoretical design of the product itself, followed by prototyping and testing. The fifth stage is packaging and delivery, and the final consideration is ongoing maintenance and customer service. “Even though there are newer and sexier development processes available.


Your Guide to Innovation and Design Methods


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