The case goes to a gender violence court. Meanwhile the man is still unable to spend time. With the minors and although the mother accepts a normalized. Visitation regime in this is not put into practice and the provisional measures of are maintained. The man’s lawyer resigns to the report of the expert who considered that shared custody was. The accumulated delay  best and the woman’s complaint was withdrawn. Company requests a psychosocial report via emergency. The provisional measures were modified in, although this update did not come close to the father’s claims. It has become obsolete says the lawyer.

More than a year has passed since

The urgent request for this report and the situation has not been definitively resolved. Which led the affected person to file. A complaint with the dean’s office about the delay in issuing that report. The Senior Whatsapp Number List Judge of Melilla states, in a government. The accumulated delay  agreement report, that  if the citizen is right with his complaint, given that more than. Eight months have passed [since it was required that] a psychosocial report be issued. When the provisional measures already last three years .

He concludes that the accumulated delay

Directly related to the lack of psychosocial team personnel since it has not been considered an emergency procedure. The Dean, Fernando Portillo, files the complaint filed. Although he encourages the citizen to file the complaint, endorsed by himself, before the Administration. In the judge’s opinion, the AQB Directory responsibility lies with the Ministry of Justice. The accumulated delay  which is the one who provides the means to the courts and tribunals of Melilla and to whom, if it is deemed appropriate, the citizen must direct his complaint.

The accumulated delay is directly related


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