Therefore, it is particularly important that the company’s image is consistent with the image of the evaluation. Recommend examples are formula racing driver Nico Rosberg and singer Iggy Pop, who appear in various advertising campaigns for Deutsche Bahn. On the other hand, the term brand ambassador refers to a well-known person who publicly supports a product or brand because of their own beliefs and without payment. Therefore, even customers or employees of the respective companies can become brand ambassadors. For example, just a few years ago, every customer. receiv a free sticker bearing the company’s Apple logo. Many customers at the time attach them to various devices and objects.

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You can watch exciting shows through member stars or. Internal organizational spirit is at the core of Phone Number Database corporate influence and marketing. Influencer marketing seems to help increase brand awareness: As a result, brand awareness increases on average. The percentage and awareness of previously unknown brands can even more than double. Influencer marketing is emotional and provides engagement: Influencer collaborations build strong intimacy between brands and followers, which can significantly increase a brand’s empathy trust and credibility. Influencer marketing can provide sales momentum: through influencer collaborations,  a brand increases by an average of a few percent and the willingness to recommend the brand increases by an average of a few percent.

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The influence of influencers on purchasing decisions varies by age and channel. A study by Fact Office showe that users AQB Directory have slightly more influence on purchasing behavior than other social media influencers. It’s also clear that children as young as 2 are particularly trusting of the opinions of influential people. Influencers influencing buying decision channels Source: Social Media Atlas: Survey; Publish monthly by Fact Offices influencing purchasing decisions by age group Source: Social Media Atlas: Survey; Publish monthly by Fact Office Influencers  More Effective Often, companies use influencers to influence their reach and target groups. Another step could be to leverage influencers for your own communications. Research shows that newsletter open rates can be increas through influencer mentions and click-through rates on own social media posts.

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