The trends in this new economy and explain what it means to established businesses. They’re under the magnifying glass more than ever. This new industry, which was birthed the 2008 recession, provided rise to the “gig” worker, or independent contractors. These part-time workers were offering their idle time, working multiple jobs, and offering their spare bedrooms to make ends meet. Collaborative Startups many of the workers see the benefits of “being their own boss” as they can choose the time, service, and how they work rather than reporting to a salaried job. In past months, there’s been increasing pressure to shift the relationship from contractors to employees.

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Where a single driver was able to win business expenses, but also we’re seeing American presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton suggest she’ll be influencing startups to provide fair wages and benefits to workers, while Jeb Bush takes Uber rides in Belgium Number Data San Francisco, promoting the service and free market capitalism. Providing worker resources for freelancers isn’t new. For more than a decade, the Freelancers Union, Collaborative Startups featured here in The NYT, offers centralized healthcare, retirement programs, and other job-related services. Peers, a three-year-old sharing economy advocacy group, is also making signals that they plan to offer resources to these gig workers.

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As such, we will track how these contractor relationships are now starting to shift toward full-time and part-time employee relationships. Startups are Algeria Phone Number List shifting from contractor to employees relationships: Here’s a running list, mostly in chronological order. 2014: Zirtual’s shared virtual assistants are employees (W-2 workers). I’ve used this service for more than two years and have worked with a variety of Zirtual assistants. They have dedicated work hours to respond to their clients, and have tools at their disposal. For as long as I’ve known, they’ve been W-2 workers. I asked the courier about her employment status, and she was a part-time W-2 employee.

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