What is stay time (average session time)? Google Analytics provides a variety of information to help you understand the condition of your website. For example, this includes sessions, (visiting) users, page views, and bounce rate. But this time I would like to touch on the “average session time (= length of stay)” among these pieces of information. I think it’s easier to understand if you write it as stay time rather than session, but it literally refers to the average time a user stays on a given site. In Google Analytics “A session is the amount of time a user is actively engage with a website or app.” is defined as. I think the part of this content that requires explanation is the “active” part.

How to think about session counting Session concept

Simply put, this means that the state where the same page is left open is not count. Google has set a specific time for this part, and if there is no operation Lebanon WhatsApp Number Data for more than 30 minutes, it will  count as a separate session. Reference URL: For example, if you access page A → E within 30 minutes. The session will  1, but if you leave content B open and move to page C → D more than 30 minutes later, The session will be count as 1. Therefore, the session is count as 2. Also, PV is counted by the number of pages view.

The user is loading the given page thoroughly

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If such numerical values ​​are available in Google Analytics, it can  assume that they have some kind of influence on SEO. but let’s try to understand them from the Lebanon Phone Number List comments of Google officials. Do stay time and bounce rate affect search ranking. Do length of stay and bounce rate affect Google search results. As a guide, Google’s John Mueller answered the following questions during Webmaster Office Hours. Reference video “Web Master Office Hours” applicable time is 3:19-3:32 Q Does Google use bounce rate as a ranking signal? A: We do not utilize or connect Google Analytics data to determine search rankings.

Does page dwell time affect SEO ranking


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