AdGuard is a popular commercial content blocking solution. Adblocker for TV it is already available for a wide range of platforms. Therefore including major operating systems and browsers, and now for Android TV. If you have a TV that runs. Android or use a media device, such as the Amazon Fire TV 4K Max .Therefore you can now install AdGuard for Android TV on the device. Therefore setup is not as easy as pointing the app and installing it. But that’s because of platform limitations. First the basics. AdGuard for Android TV. Therefore is available to all AdGuard users. If your plan allows you to install AdGuard on another device. You can use it to activate the ad blocking solution on your TV.

AdGuard for Android TV Adblocker for TV

Therefore you can buy a personal or Fax Lists family lifetime license Ghacks Deals up to 76% off. Personal license allows to install up to 3 devices. Therefore family license up to 9 devices. In terms of features, AdGuard for Android TV blocks pop-ups. Banner ads, and other unwanted content on your home screens and anywhere else in the apps you run. Moreover, it also secures DNS using DNS-over-HTTPS and other solutions and limits tracking. The solution works automatically after installation. Please note that it uses a virtual VPN connection to manage the traffic going to the device.

Streaming services and manufacturers of TV

After the app is approved, open the AQB Directory app. Therefore change the Protections status to On and allow it to run as a VPN service. Once done, you can adjust some settings. There is an option to whitelist content. This can be useful if you experience problems. Therefore launching apps or specific app features while running AdGuard on the device. Therefore is a video posted by AdGuard showing how to install the solution. Closed words Streaming services and manufacturers of TV streaming solutions. Therefore such as Amazon, are increasingly pushing ads into their services. While it’s one thing to introduce ad-supported plans that are optional. It’s another to show ads on home screens or to existing users who haven’t signed up for ad-supported plans.

Adblocker for TV – Ad Guard for Android TV is available here’s how it works


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