Kingspan, a provider of insulation and building envelopes. Has recently launched a 10-year strategy to play its part in reducing the world’s carbon emissions by 45% by 2030. As determined in the Paris Agreement, and contribute towards the achievement of the. UN Sustainable Development Goals. The strategy is made up of 12 targets. Addressing the impact of the company’s business operations and manufacturing on. The four key areas of energy, carbon, circularity, and water, with commitments by 2030 to include.

Powering 60% of all Kingspan operations directly

From renewable energy with a minimum of 20% of this energy generated on manufacturing sites (up from 5.9% today) Carbon: achieving net zero carbon manufacturing and a 50% reduction in product C02 intensity from primary supply partners Israel Phone Number Data Circularity: upcycling of 1 billion PET bottles per annum into insulation products plus zero company waste to landfill across all sites Water: harvesting 100 million liters of Kingspan’s water usage from rainwater The construction industry is one of the biggest contributors to carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. with construction and buildings combined currently accounting for 39% of all carbon emissions globally.

The World Green Building Council

Estimates that embodied carbon – carbon used in the manufacturing, construction and disposal of building materials – will be responsible for half of the entire carbon footprint of new construction between now and 2050. The construction Australia WhatsApp Number List industry is also responsible for an estimated of all waste to landfill globally. In 2011, Kingspan announced a Net Zero Energy program with a 2020 target to match 100% of its operational energy use with renewable energy. The company is on track to achieve this goal. As part of this program. Kingspan also joined the Science Based Targets initiative, setting a target of  reduction in Scope and 3 greenhouse gas emissions.

Global Building Envelope Provider Commits to Cutting Emissions 45% by 2030


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