Be sure to post links in an appropriate format to ensure that your links are evaluated correctly. The steps to take when posting a link are as follows. Removal of links that violate guidelines Correctly convey the relationship between links If you have not done the above. You may not be getting link evaluation correctly, so please take appropriate action. I will explain each in detail. Removal of links that violate guidelines. Be sure to read Google’s link program guidelines. Beforehand to avoid being affecte by link spam updates. Google has published guidelines on how to post appropriate links.

The guidelines mainly state that the following links

Buying and selling links that transfer PageRank Creating excessive reciprocal links or partner pages for the sole purpose of reciprocal links Be keyword rich in anchor France Phone Number Data text links Create links to your site using automated programs or services Mandating links as part of specific terms of use, contracts, or similar arrangements without giving third-party content owners the right to choose whether to apply qualifying attributes to outbound links where appropriate thing Reference: Link program If a link like the one above already exists, please delete it immediately and make sure to operate your site with only appropriate links.

Correctly convey the relationship between links When pasting a link

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It a special value to tell Google’s robot exactly what kind of link it is. Google’s guidelines state in the best practices section, “When linking to other sites, be sure to  Australia Phone Number List communicate the link’s relationship.” The importance of communicating link relationships and the latest information on link spam Relationship indicates what kind of link it is. And allows you to correctly evaluate the link on Google. Especially if it is a paid link, such as an affiliate advertising link. Be sure to add “rel=” sponsored ”. rel=”sponsored” can be add to advertisements and paid placement links to indicate to Google search engines that the link is to the advertiser.

How to avoid being affected by link spam updates


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