Do you want to take your business to the next level and make the most of the opportunities that digitalization offers? Look no further, we have the perfect answer for you! The digital kit grant gives you the opportunity. Apply for financial aid and obtain a complete package of digital tools. Boost your business. But what exactly does it consist of? In this complete guide we will present all the key steps to apply for the subsidy and we will show you. The maximum amounts you can apply for. In addition, we will explain how the entire subsidy plan is configured so that you can make the most of this valuable help. Digital kit subsidy, a great opportunity for smes and the self-employed digitalization has become an essential tool for companies seeking to improve their productivity and competitiveness in today’s market.

Thanks to the digital kit

Expected that spanish companies can modernize and be prepared to face the challenges of the future, thus improving their economic situation and that of the country as a whole. Subsidized USA Phone Number Data depending on the size of the company the kit digital subsidy contemplates three levels of financial aid, depending on the size of the company: for companies with between 10 and 49 employees , you can receive a subsidy of up to 12,000 euros , which represents a great opportunity to boost your growth. Smes with between 3 and 9 employees can also benefit from the aid, being eligible for an amount of up to 6,000 euros . And for micro-businesses and self-employed workers with up to 2 employees , aid can reach 2,000 euros . Without a doubt, a great opportunity for all those companies that seek to improve their competitiveness and adapt to an increasingly digitalized world.

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Do you want to sell your products

There is the option of creating a fully functional e-commerce, along with all the necessary tools to facilitate your digital transactions. If you are looking to consolidate your brand and build customer loyalty, social media management may be the right option for you. On the other hand, with business intelligence and analytics , you will receive advice to make the most of your¬†Afghanistan Phone Number List company’s data and make more informed decisions. In addition, the customer management category will help you have a crm solution to improve your relationships with customers. And the implementation of software that will allow you to issue electronic invoices faster is also eligible. The digital kit includes four other grant categories: process management , virtual office services and tools , secure communications , and cybersecurity . The first category will allow you to automate your operational or productive processes by incorporating an erp tool.

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