Ransomware attacks are one of the most dangerous threats to cybersecurity today. Furthermore, it is a problem that occurs in all types of organizations. In this article, we explore in detail how a ransomware attack is execut and offer you useful tips to avoid it. Get rid of malware and malicious code in your company! What is ransomware? Ransomware is a type of cyber attack that is execut thanks to social engineering or injection of malicious code . Violating the cybersecurity of a company or organization, it extorts users by encrypting their files or computer systems . So to speak, we are talking about a virtual kidnapping of critical data or infrastructure. Why do we say that? Mainly, because the main objective of ransomware is to demand a ransom in the form of money in exchange for the release of the encrypt files.

Social engineering is the gateway

Attackers ransomware techniques are typically execut through fraudulent emails , malicious websites, text messages, and social media. In general, it is relat to phishing , that is, the India Mobile Number Data of a trust body to obtain access data. For example, it is possible for a cybercriminal to send an email to a worker pretending to belong to the it department . In it, it asks you to change your password immediately because your account is compromis. It then provides a link where the address should be execut. This is a classic social engineering technique that makes it the employees themselves who provide sensitive access data to the systems. The ransomware then starts encrypting the files and displaying ransom messages on the user’s screen, demanding payment of a certain amount of money to obtain the decryption key. How is a ransomware attack execut? Ransomware is a serious threat to information security.

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Although we will later talk about

Some techniques to protect against ransomware , one way to stay safe is to know well the steps cybercriminals take to execute an attack of these characteristics. Define the objective the first step is to identify a target, which can be a company, a government organization, or even an individual. We think we need to make this very clear: all kinds of entities are expos to ransomware . The data of your company, even if it is an sme , is valuable. So no Bahrain Phone Number List percent calm and any organization must remain alert. This includes the self-employed, public services and large corporations. In fact, cybercriminals look for weaknesses in the target’s computer system, such as outdated software , untrained employees, or weak passwords. Installing ransomware malicious code with the objective clear, it is time to install the ransomware . As we said, this is usually done through a phishing email that looks legitimate.

Ransomware what it is how it attacks and how to avoid it


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