Teeth and sinuses  in the upper jaw in the lateral segments can be among the causes of maxillary sinus infection. This happens due to the fact that the cavities of the sinuses are closely Therefore,  connected with the teeth and the mouth. About the connection between. Therefore,   and sinuses talked with dr. Andrejço Gërncarovski, oral surgeon. The maxillary sinuses are the largest paranasal sinuses, which are located in the upper jaw . Participating in the construction of the cavity of the eyes, nose and mouth.  infection. But infection can also occur from untreated teeth.

Teeth and sinuses Toothache

In some cases, pain in the teeth or jaw may be the first symptom of an infection in the maxillary sinus. Research shows that in most cases there is a close contact of the molar teeth with the lower USA WhatsApp layer of the maxillary sinus, so any therapeutic procedure of these teeth.  If not carried out professionally. Can damage the same. Special attention should be  region during operative intervention. Ystectomy, apicotomy, sinus lift procedures) not to injure the saliva of the maxillary sinus. Therefore, means they are the entrance door for presentation of the so-called maxillary odontogenic sinus.

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Sinus lift procedure

After the extraction of teeth in the upper jaw, bone atrophy occurs, which means its loss, and in the first Canada WhatsApp Number List months up to 30%. This may even lead to the reduction of the lower extension of the maxillary sinus. This is a problem if dental implants are to be placed.  The procedure called sinus lift is applied. It means raising the lower layer of the sinus to create space for placing the implants. Meaning the open method.



Teeth and sinuses


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