That displays information relate to a search keyword on the search results screen. Have you ever looke up a company’s corporate information or the name of a movie. And all the information related to the keywords you searched for was displayed in the search results. The  is displayed in such places. According to Google’s official blog, the knowledge graph is define as follows. “A system that identifies facts and information about entities from data shared across the web. Open source databases, and license databases.”

A knowledge graph is a group of data

That is collecte base on the connections and context between pieces of information, rather than a collection of pieces of information related to search Poland Phone Number Data keywords. However, the database itself is not presente to the user, but in the form of a box call “ Card” or “Knowledge Panel.” The part surrounded by a pink frame in the image below is the  card when searching for “SEO”.  card .

 Knowledge graph cards allow users to retrieve

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Information related to their search keywords without visiting the page. We recommend that you take measures to display kcards as much Canada Phone Number List as possible, as this will improve user convenience . Features We have summarized 5 targets for which Knowledge Graph cards are display . Overview place person the work Founder The characteristics of the information display on Knowledge Graph cards vary depending on which keywords the user is searching for.

For example, if you search  company name, the company’s overview, location, founder, etc. will be display. On the other hand, if you search by movie name. Information related to the movie will be display  such as the movie summary and characters. Once Knowledge Graph cards are display there are benefits such as improving the visibility of your company and works and increasing the number of website accesses.

What is Knowledge Graph


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