Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to making your website visible in search engines. Businesses across different industries use SEO to find new leads and generate traction for their business. But what does successful SEO look like? We’re going to break down six different SEO examples from what different companies are doing on this page! Read on to discover our selection of the best SEO examples! 6 Amazing SEO Examples to Emulate on Your Site Here are some examples of SEO in action to help you understand what to optimize on your site! Nike – Product and keyword pages Starbucks – User Experience (UX) and Images Ulta – Navigation Apple – Copy and images Semrush – Keyword Integration and Page Speed Meta – FAQ section 1.

Product Pages and Keywords


The first of our SEO examples is Nike. Since Nike is a successful brand and e-commerce store, its SEO focuses on finding  Chinese Overseas Asia Number Data and purchasing its products on its website. This means they need to integrate keywords effectively on their product pages in order to compete with other similar brands. For example, they use clear descriptions to describe each of their products and insert keywords into the page. Nike shoe product page They also mention their product names in the URL , titles, and body text.

They offer informational articles and FAQ

Special Data

Sections about their products to increase their visibility in search engines. If you have products on your site, you should focus on ecommerce SEO by integrating Oman WhatsApp Number List key terms throughout the page and being as descriptive as possible. 2. Starbucks – UX and images Next on our list is Starbucks. This popular coffee company has become a household name for many reasons, one of them being their focus on the user and the way they frame their products with images and marketing strategy.

6 SEO examples to inspire your strategy


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