You can reduce the dropout rate if you can direct them to the category page. Connect articles on category pages with internal links Crawlers travel through internal links on article pages, so setting internal links will make crawling more efficient and maximize SEO effectiveness. Also, if you have prepared content on the same theme, it can be highly convenient for users to be directed to related article pages.

Internal links can lead to a decline in usability

To connect pages that are highly relate with each other using internal links. Even if they are in the same category, carefully select highly related article pages Oman Phone Number Data and connectthem with internal links. Include multiple articles in one category If there are few articles in a category, the crawler’s crawl rate will be low and the site’s rating may drop. In order to improve the ranking of SEO, it is necessary to obtain a higher rating than the competition in terms of both the quality and quantity of content, so it is not enough to just evaluate the quality and relevance of the articles include in each category page.

To competing sites that rank higher on the category page

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It is important to add content to improve your overall site’s SEO. If the number of contents under a category page is small. Google’s search engine may  Armenia Phone Number List evaluate it as low-quality content. However, if the content of a category is planned to be expande in the future. You may want to create a category page first for site construction reasons. In that case, consider using no index or robotsxt to prevent crawlers from visiting. Your site until the number of articles increases to avoid receiving low quality evaluations. Click here for an overview of the noindex tag and its SEO effects.

Connect articles on category pages with internal links


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