The disavow link tool is available on Google Search Console. You can request to disavow a link by following the steps below. Check the backlinks your site has acquired Examining low-quality backlinks Create a list of links to disavow File upload We will explain each step in detail.

Check the backlinks that your site has acquire

How to use the disavow  First, you need to extract a list of backlinks that your site has acquired. And select the links you want to disavow from that list. You can easily check the links Canada Phone Number Data you have acquired in Google Search Console by following the steps below. Select “Links” from the left side menu Select “Details” for “Top link source sites” in the external link section.

Press the export button on the top right to download the file

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How to use the disavow  Now you can extract the list of link source domains. Google Search Console is a free tool that anyone can use. If you want to conduct more detailed link  Argentina Phone Number List research, use paid tools such as Ahrefs and OpenSiteExploer. You can also filter by domain strength, etc., making it easier to spot poor quality links. Convenient paid and free tools for link research are explained on the following page.

How to use the disavow link tool


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