The biggest challenge is finding the barrier solution. We will innovate in increments. We’ll start with all the strength and stability coming from the paper structure, and we’ll have a thin PET liner. The next step will to be to use a PEF liner, then we’ll move to a coating, and then we’ll replace that with one that’s completely bio-based. Also, we have an alcohol-based product. We’ve started with a pre-mixed cocktail, which has an ABV of 4.5%. But it’s carbonated, and that presents a whole different set of challenges. We’ll know more this spring when we have our first prototype to do stability testing.

Course this packaging will be more expensive

Than our normal solutions to start, but we have the scalability component with Alpla for this project. What’s the eventual end-of-life vision for this packaging? Recyclability is key. That’s why we’ll never go beyond a prototype unless we have a recyclable Mexico Phone Number Data solution. In the beginning that will probably mean separating the paper from the liner. There’s already good technology today to handle that type of packaging solution. It’s meant to be to be part of a circular system, but we know bottles do escape the recycling loop. That’s why this bottle will be biodegradable. Where do you see the Absolut Company’s packaging headed in the future.

There are three key parts: sustainability

Connectivity, and consumer delight. The first is to have a circular packaging that leaves no waste behind. Another is to create a smart packaging, and this goes hand-in-hand with circular packaging. Through invisible bar codes, for example, it can Indonesia Phone Number List report back to us when it enters the recycling loop. The third is what our packaging does for consumers. Our bottles have looked the same for centuries. From Absolut Vodka’s perspective, it’s mainly a glass bottle that’s heavy. Maybe in the future we’ll 3D-print to tailor to our consumers’ preferences.

Could you walk us through the challenges involved?


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